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Strategies That Deliver

Delivering Empowerful Linkages Through Academics

Why I Started

I believe education relationships should incorporate synergies between program competencies, program learning outcomes, course learning outcomes, and institutional learning outcomes. 

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Founder and CEO

Democratic Education Activist


Dr. Johnny D. Jones was born and raised in Mississippi. Dr. Jones enjoys spending time with family, teaching, research, learning, golf, fishing, cooking, and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. He has worked with youth organizations, school districts, colleges and universities, and non-profit organizations to enhance education endeavors. He is passionate about educating citizens and helping them to matriculate through higher education to obtain a degree or define success one semester at a time. 


His historical track record in educational leadership positions at the University/College and K-12 level has prepared him to share keen insight and strategies that will propel any community to its full potential.  He looks forward to serving.

Innovation-Strategic Planning-Accreditation-Governance-Fiscal Affairs


Teacher and Young Student

Empowerful Services

We will gather and examine data by students and their families that are needed to navigate the progress, persistence, and productivity in a competitive global educational marketplace.

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Mississippi, USA

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Success Stories

Johnny brings a level of professionalism, innovativeness, strategic and superior insight regarding the higher education enterprise. We are excited to work closely with The DELTA Project.

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